Stay Safe: Don’t Use These Hazardous Materials in Your Holland, MI Dryer Vent

Most people know that a dryer vent needs to be cleaned every now and then to reduce the risk of fire and keep your unit running properly. But did you know that foil and PVC are unsafe materials for a dryer vent?

Unfortunately, not all dryer vent materials are created equal. Improper vent materials can leave you at risk for vent fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and reduced dryer energy efficiency. To protect your Holland, MI home, family, and wallet, make sure your ventilation system is free from these materials.

Materials That Are Unsafe for Dryer Vents:

  • Vinyl, foil, and other flexible materials. Although these materials make installation easy, they are also susceptible to kinks and squeezes. If anything falls on the vent or it shifts out of place, air flow could be easily restricted which increases the risk of fire. For these reasons, rigid materials are best for dryer vents.
  • PVC piping and plastic materials. These materials are prone to static electricity, which leads to lint accumulation. Furthermore, heat also causes moisture to gather on PVC surfaces, creating further lint buildup issues. Metal ducts are your best bet.
  • Screws or bolts at joints. Though they may be small, screws and bolts are yet another obstruction that collects lint. As such, they should not be used to secure joints.

Obstructed dryer vents are one of the most common causes of house fires in the United States. Many of these fires are preventable by replacing outdated or unsafe vent materials. If you want to ensure your ventilation system is safe, our dryer vent technicians are available for comprehensive inspections in the Holland, MI area.

Call or contact us today to schedule an expert inspection or dryer vent cleaning service.

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