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Burnt smell coming from Dryer when using

Opened a dryer to find lint that was charred from build up in the dryer cavity due to improper transition venting and build up in the vent line. Customer was smelling burnt smell when using dryer. Before and after cleaning pictures below. Why it's important to keep your dryer vent line clean and clean out the inside of dryer regularly. Call Dryer Vent Wizard of West Michigan to clean and...

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Why Bird cages should be removed

Before and after pictures of a job to show why bird cages should not be installed on dryer vents. The cages capture and hold all the lint in not allowing the dryer to vent properly due to lint stuck.

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How Do you know when its time for a dryer vent cleaning?

• It has been more than 12 months since your last dryer vent cleaning

• Clothes are not completely dry after one cycle

• Clothing has a musty odour when the cycle is complete

• Clothes are unusually hot when the cycle is complete (dryer overheating)

• There is a large amount of lint buildup in the lint screen

Here are some recommendations...

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Residents Escape Safely Before Dryer Fire Damages Kalamazoo Home

Kalamazoo residents were able to safely escape their home after a dryer fire ignited in Kalamazoo. Officers were able to contain fire to the basement, and eventually determined that the blaze started in a dryer that had a blocked vent.

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